Friday, April 14, 2006

NY Auto Show

Ok, so you've been reading all the coverage from the New York International Auto Show on the web at AutoBlog, Jalopnik, CarsCarsCars!, 4DriversOnly and the other reputable sources. And Starting Monday you'll be able to read my biased views on the show.

From a Ford fanatic's point of view it was a fairly good show, and FoMoCo had their A game going. There were a few minor problems, but taking all of Ford and their Partners together, there were more than enough hits to offset those.

I could not find the Volvo C30 and was disappointed about that, but the Edge, MKX, CX9 and CX7 were there, and the cars were not all locked as has been the case at previous shows. So I had the opportunity to sit in many of the new vehicles and get a feel for them. There were some interesting Non-Ford items that I will discuss on my other blog as well.

The Javitz Center may be getting old, but it's still a great facility and I spent 5 hours checking out the latest and greatest. I also had a chance to talk to an owner of a Ford dealership from Pennsylvania, who traveled to the show with friends. Interesting to hear his perspective on SVT, Blue Oval certification and other Ford related topics.

I won't be posting this weekend, because of the double whammy of my birthday and Easter, but expect to have some material for Monday probably in the evening.


Igor said...

post impressions of the new cars... c'mon you sat in them and posted nothing . c'mon!!! :)

I am interested to know how the Edge/MKX feel inside. . I know CX7 and Cx9 will be hits but ford is stil catching grief for interiors (despite improvements) so I wonder how you saw them


Joel A said...

Happy birthday!

What problems did you encounter?

Big Ford Fan said...

Igor, as you can see, I've posted impressions, just a little slow this week.

Joel, thanks I had a great birthday, since it included the Auto Show and test drives that I posted on.