Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Program does not compute, no Rental for me

The answer is NO, I will not be buying this "Program" Mustang. I went to test drive this car on Saturday and let me tell you right from the begining it was a foul up. I made an appointment almost a week in advance, they told me they would have the car prepped and ready. It was raining on Saturday, and from my point of view, that's the best condition to test drive a convertible, because you're not distracted by the top down experience. Well the dealer did not prep the car, not in any way, it was parked in the corner behind half a dozen other cars, it was filthy and there were several things that didn't work, including the heat/defroster and A/C.

I sat in it, checked it out, and tried to overlook the stains on the ragtop and cloth interior. But when I couldn't see out of the front windsheild and the radio didn't work, I bolted. I know "Program" cars are usually returned rentals, but foolish me, I assumed they cleaned them and made sure everything was fixed before they tried to sell them. So regardless of the salesman's assurances that all issues would be taken care of before I picked up the car, I was left doubting by the fact they didn't even check it before the scheduled test drive.

So it's back to a new car hunt and brand loyalty is out the window. If Ford isn't going to produce anything marginally exciting (besides the Mustang) at a reasonable price, then I'm going to check everything from every brand. I'll discuss this more on my Non-Ford blog later.

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