Tuesday, April 04, 2006

CX-9 ? I guess with all the talk of CX-7 I missed this one

Mazda CX-9? I thought Mazda already had a new Crossover coming, but on AutoBlog they say that the new CX-9 seven passenger Crossover is going to be introduced at the upcoming New York International Auto Show, and that it's going to replace the MPV mini van. Based on the same platform as the new Ford Edge and Lincoln Aviator, I mean MKX, it's going to have the new 3.5 Duratec V6.
Now I didn't even know the Edge or MKX were going to be 7 passenger vehicles. So I was surprised to read that. But the 3.5 Duratec will apeal to more mainstream buyers than the turbo I4 in the CX-7.
But won't they too closely compete for buyers? And styling is so close that it would be hard to tell the two apart. I know it's April 4th, but is this an April Fools? I'm going to the New York show, so I'll let you know what I see, and of course try and get decent photos.

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Igor said...

good post ...

it seems Mazda pulled a surprise on everyone the Cx7 is - after all - not a platform-mate of the Edge/MKX .. it has a unique setup...
Also as was repoted in Canadian Driver test, the CX7 is very much a drivers car, with turbo engine and tight rear seat, aimed at young 30somethings wanting a taller car, but wanting to keep all the zoom-zoom. Also the target buyers do not have kids yet, or have little babies, not needing spacious rear seats.

That is where the CX9 comes in .. with more mainstream engine and toned down apearance, it will likely ofer more space in 2nd row and some semi-useable 3rd row .. this will be a car directly positioned against any other 7passenger people hauler.. no more exhilirating zoom-zoom, but a good mazda people mover...

Now the presence of 3row of seats does not mean Edge will have them.. Actually it seems the CX9 will be longer than the Edge, to accomodate the seats. Edge will not have 3rd row seats, so it does not compete with the Freestyle... which should remain the real people mover of the Ford lineup.

CX9 will not compete with CX7 because the CX7 is such a radical feat in the Crossoer market and will atract non-traditional buyers... for the more traditinal in heart, the CX9 will be the car.