Thursday, April 27, 2006

CX-7 for Europe to have turbo Diesel in 2008

I found this interesting article at WhatCar, a UK web site, about the CX-7 and the differences for the UK/European market. While initially it will have the same detuned MazdaSpeed 2.3 L Direct Injection Turbo 4, although probably making slightly more power than the US version's 244 hp, in 2008 it's expected to be joined by a Turbo Diesel. Another interesting point was that while in the US there will only be a 6 speed automatic transmission, for Europe there will also be a 6 speed manual. But they won't get the front wheel drive option, all UK/European CX-7s will come standard with the all wheel drive. With a target price around 25k pounds, it's expected to come with most options standard.

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