Monday, April 10, 2006

What? No extra power? What's so Special about California Special?

So here it is the much anticipated California Special Mustang GT. So what do you get for your extra $1800? Well some stripes, a non-functional scoop, revised front/rear facia and polished wheels. But what's so special about it? Not much, not from my point of view. It highlights another failure on Ford's part to pump some excitement into the brand. The new GT350H is at least available with 20 extra ponies under the hood, why couldn't this "Special" have that?

It's not enough to throw on some stripes and scoops and call it a special, to be truly special a few extra horsepower would have been needed. I haven't seen any photos of the rear facia, I wonder if they installed sequential tail lights like the original?

Click on over to AutoBlog for more pictures and details, and never mind my moaning.


Shawn said...

Joe, I think you're missing the point. It's the "California" special. You know, plastic surgery capital of USA. It's all about the outside.

At least they didn't come up with a San Fran Special...including an modified intake & tailpipe and a vibrating dipstick.

Dotty Gale said...

Pre-Pimped by Ford Engineers?

Hey! I paid full retail for a 40th anniversary Grand Prix that had badges, dark red paint and two-toned leather. Suckers like myself are born every minute.

Big Ford Fan said...

Shawn, it's Ford that's missing the point, tape stripes were the 70's. Today you have to offer a little more to be "Special"

And a Frisco Special would at least have leather and some muscle. As for vibrating dipsticks, I believe they vibrate on the F150 just before the spark plugs blow out of the heads.

Dotty, you were blinded by the aniversary badges, but at least that had a supercharger. Besides, with your stable of cars, I think you will be happy.