Thursday, April 20, 2006

What makes a self professed Ford Fan buy anywhere else?

Anyone who just stumbles across my blog would be asking, why is this self professed Ford fanatic considering buying a non-Ford vehicle? Well short answer (you know there's no short answer) is that Ford isn't selling anything that's getting my attention, or more importantly my money. I finally have to settle for a "Partner" produced vehicle, built on a shared platform.
I'd much rather be buying this Focus. I prefer 3 doors over 5 and it's built on the same platform as the Mazda3. Ford sells this worldwide, except in the US and Canada. It's even sold in China and Russia. I won't buy the current generation US Focus on principal, because I know there's a better Focus out there, just beyond my reach. And as for the rest of Ford's US lineup, well there's not much to get excited about. Well, yes there is the Mustang and the Fusion is a fine car. But what about this segment? What about small cars? Ford has shown so many promissing concepts and offers some really class leading compact and sub-compact vehicle around the world. But in the US, almost 50% of their business, and the source of most of their profit is large trucks and SUVs.

And I can't wait for Ford to get off the dime and start building great little cars, like I know they can. If the Reflex was on the market today, or even coming soon, I'd buy one. Of course I don't want the butterfly doors or solar panels in the roof, but I love the styling.
And while the rest of the industry is gearing up for little CUVs and mini utes, Ford teases us with concepts, but where are they? This Bronco could be built on the Fiesta underpinnings and with it's retro looks and the right packaging, would be a real boost to Ford sales.
We see Chrysler taking chances with the Caliber/Compass/Patriot, and a crop of little CUVs and wagons coming from everywhere around the globe, how about the Faction? What about using the new CX7 platform to bulid this?

I've seen a lot of promissing concepts and technologies mentioned at Ford, but right now the product on dealer's floors isn't doing it for me. I don't care that I could get a Focus for thousands less, because it's like leftovers compared to fine cuisine.


Anonymous said...

if they did the bronco they shouldn't do it on fiesta underpinnings just because the original bronco was an extremely capable off-roader, and this one should be to. What I think they should do is develop a new ranger platform, or bring the overseas one to the U.S., and do the ranger and bronco off of the same platform, except the bronco would probly have to be on a shortened version, that way it could still be a good off roader and compete w/ the jeep wrangler, or they could do it off the same platform as the new lr2,i think thats a version of the european focus platform, the only downside is it might get to expensive, and they need to keep the price under 20k, and near 16 for the base price


Joel A said...

Think of it this way: some of your money to purchase your Mazda is going into Ford's coffers :)