Friday, July 03, 2009

Verve, Fiesta, Verve? WTF? Ford has yet another little one?

I'm confused, AutoBlog has a piece talking about a new Verve test mule spotted in Australia?
But I thought the Verve was the concept that became the new Fiesta?
And the spy shots show what looks like the last generation bodywork, on a new chassis.
So, what's the deal?

Is this like the Ikon? A Fiesta based sedan sold in South American and Asian markets.
AutoBlog says it's unlikely we'll see this Verve in the US because of the new Fiesta and Focus.
But the Verve is just a Fiesta, right?

It's tough to follow all the versions of Fords sold around the globe. Did you know that in South American markets the old Ka has been freshened and updated? So, instead of getting the Polish Fiat 500/Ka that Europe gets, they get something akin to our last Focus?

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