Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catching up on all sorts of EcoBoost news and opinion....

While MyFordDreams has been concentrating on other things, the blogsphere doesn't stand still, so I've been catching up at AutoBlog on the latest EcoBoost news, opinion and speculation.
Interesting that Australia will be the first place an EcoBoost I-4 will appear in a rear wheel drive platform. And not just in the upcoming Global T-6 Ranger, but in the Falcon. I still believe that ultimately the base Mustang will replace it's aging V-6 for an EcoBoost I-4, but there are doubts out in the Net.

Furthermore, folks want to know when the EcoBoost I-4 will be seen in the Edge and other North American mid-size CUVs and Cars. Although fuel prices haven't peaked at last year's record numbers, this is further proof that Ford's EcoBoost is an anticipated technology upgrade.

6 cyl power with 4 cyl economy makes too much sense for consumers and the manufacturers alike. Some have forecast resistance from consumers based on past history of turbo charged powerplants in the past and the perception that Uncle Sam is trying to force us all into underpowered eco-boxes. But if you've got over 200 hp and still achieve 25-30 mpg how are you being forced into an eco-box?

I personally would love it if my new Mariner (soon to be ) was packing a 2.0 EcoBoost. The current 2.5's 171 hp is fine, as is the 25 mpg on the highway, but if I could realistically expect 200 hp and 27 mpg ( it is 4wd after all) I'd be tickled pink.

EcoBoost will be a win win for many enthusiasts and green minded folks as well.
Minimally it will maintain ( more than likely improve) performance, while also lowering our carbon footprint and lessening our dependance on foreign petrolium.

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