Thursday, July 30, 2009

NASCAR Mustang? This should be a joke, but it's not

Autoblog ( link in title ) had this piece the other day on the Mustang going to NASCAR.
And while it should be a joke, it's not. NASCAR lost relevance over a decade ago when the last carberator was installed on a production car. Never mind the fact that all of the "Car Of Tomorrow" bodies are identical regardless of the stickers on them declaring Ford Fusion or Toyota Camry. But this is just the final insult, it doesn't look anything remotely like a Mustang, not even if you squint.

NASCAR is a joke, the pro wrestling of motorsports, don't let the Mustang become part of that joke. There are enough real Mustangs racing in legitimate series that FoMoCo shouldn't cheapen the heritage by plastering these stickers on plastic fantastic posers.

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Igor said...

you live in suburbs of NYC .... travel to College Station PA and see how irrelevant NASCAR is .. sadly (I hate NASCAR as much as you), None of the Big3 can afford to leave it - they would instantly piss off the die hard followers!!

sad as that is!