Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don't use the Ford site folks, it looks like they've got it all confused? Use Edmunds.com

This program is not clear and reports are that even though everything was supposed to be settled Friday July 24, there were some last minute changes by the EPA. These changes help some folks, which is a good thing. But you really have to be careful and hope your dealer is smart and honest. I'm running into speedbumps with my trade, the dealer now says that my allowance is only $3500. But I've read the 136 page PDF from www.cars.gov and checked Ford's site and both read to me that the allowance should be $4500, based on 2 Class 1 trucks and a differnce of 5 mpg.
But don't trust the Ford site folks! Looks like they've got bugs. Which is a real shame, because FoMoCo was geared up to perform well under this program. I had used this site over and over and now can't trust the numbers it gives me. But wait, there's hope! www.edmunds.com has a calculator on their site and it seems to be working better. One odd note, is that if I put Mercury Mariner in, there's a glitch that doesn't allow me to pull down the trim. No problem, I entered Ford Escape and similar trim/drivetrain and it says yes, the deal is $4500.
If I were Ford I'd get my guys on this pronto. Last thing they need is bad PR about a site designed to help folks. It's bad enough that there seem to be shady dealers trying to screw folks over as it is.

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