Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Brokeback cars" Is a stupid assumption and dead end marketing idea...

What is a "Gay" car? There is no such thing. LGBT folks buy cars just like everyone else.
Over the years, we've all heard that some cars are stereotypicaly "Gay" or "Chick" cars.
The very idea is juvenile and baseless. And during my recent vacation on Cape Cod, I had an oportunity to meet and talk to quite a few LGBT car enthusiasts.

Trying to market a "Gay" car or brand, as suggested by Desiree Cooper of the Detroit Free Press in January of 2006 ( link to my reaction then in title ) is futile. It assumes that LGBT folks are somehow different than everyone else and could have a backlash from both sides. LGBT people could be insulted by the implication and others may feel the need, based on fear, to avoid such a vehicle or brand. I know LGBT folks that drive all sorts of cars, many who drive Ford vehicles by the way, and I've never really notice any particular trend that would deviate from the population at large. People drive what they need or like.
I met one guy on vacation who had the new Flex which he traded his Mountaineer in on.
Not exactly a frilly little vehicle. I've known LGBT folks that are into classic cars, Studebakers for example. Many of the people I've known drive sedans or hatchbacks, not very exciting, but they get the job done.

And I was surprised at how many full size trucks there were also.
It only goes to prove that PEOPLE drive what they need and like.
You can't pigeon hole people or try and design a brand for one demographic.
The only proof you need of that are all the 40something folks driving Scions.
If you want to know more, you can go to www.gaywheels.com and see for yourself.

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