Saturday, July 25, 2009

CARS confusion on LetFordRecycleYourRide with a friend

As I've posted about, I'm taking advantage of the CARS program and I've found Ford's website to be imensely useful. So, when a close friend was asking if his car would qualify also we headed over to Ford's site, linked in title, so see if it does.
And according to Ford, it most certainly does. But I'm confused, his car, a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee, isn't 10 years old. I tried looking elsewhere, but I've been busy.

I was looking at the Fed's site but they don't have the easy to use tool that the Ford site does. Instead they've got a link to a PDF file over 130 pages long and in legalese that if I took the time would probably clear things up. I think later today I'll just go to and use his chart. With all the research The Auto Prophet has done, I'm counting on him as yet again one of my best resources and you should too.

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