Sunday, July 05, 2009

EcoBoost to spread across FoMoCo lines in coming years, maybe even Mustang

When I went to the recent Lincoln event and drove the MKT and MKZ there was much EcoBoost talk. I even got to talk with Dan, one of the project heads and ask him about the migration of this technology across the FoMoCo line. Currently available in the Lincoln MKS and MKT flagships and the Ford Flex and Taurus SHO, the EcoBoost in 3.5 V6 355 hp glory will next be seen in the F-150 range as well. But there's a lot more to this story than that. While it's true that you can achieve V6 economy and V8 power in the larger vehicles, it's also going to be applied to I-4 engines to give superior economy with V6 power. We're going to see EcoBoost 2.0L engines with 200+ hp and even smaller engines with EcoBoost.
Not knowing if I'd ever get a chance like this again, I popped the question. No I didn't ask Dan for his hand in marriage, I asked him if we could expect to see EcoBoost in the Mustang. At first he assumed I meant the 355 hp V6 in the Mustang GT and told me that it was unlikely since Ford had new V8s which will offer superior performance and better economy. I acknowledged that and corrected myself by asking if we could possibly see an EcoBoost I4 in the "Base" Mustang? And being the smart guy he is, I'm unable to say "Yes" but there's enough wiggle room in what he said to guess that it's a distinct possability. And before the old guard Mustang guys start spitting nails let's see what's possible.

I doubt they would revive the SVT or SVO label for a Turbo 4 Mustang, not with the Shelby GTs.
It wouldn't be some pricey option, but a replacement for the V6 that makes 210 hp and achieves poor fuel economy. In Reality an EcoBoost 4 could produce more power and boost FoMoCo's CAFE ratings. And you're wondering where Ford would get such an engine?

Did you forget the Ford Explorer America Concept that was shown last year?
That has 275hp EcoBoost 2.0L 4 cylinder power.

So, while Dan didn't say it was going to happen, he didn't say no either.
Ford is going to spread EcoBoost across the model lineup, maybe just maybe in the next generation Mustang we'll see better power and fuel economy and an IRS?
Dan didn't mention anything about the IRS, that's just a matter for common sense.

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