Monday, September 18, 2006

Where's MyFordDreams????

Well, here I am again, finally returned from exile. And what the hell happens when I'm gone? Jeez it's a reminder that the world doesn't stop spinning just because you're not watching.

News of Ford's increases in cuts and rumors of sales of divisions have been flying around all summer, hell all year. But of course the big news was the hiring of Mually from Boeing to take over the CEO position from Bill Ford Jr. I guess all the Carlos Ghosn talk was just a smoke screen or wishful thinking on the part of Billy and the Automotive pundits.

I know next to nothing about Mulally, just that he's come from Boeing, and is getting a compensation package of around $18 million this year. I don't see how a guy from a defense contractor will be able to save FoMoCo, but like I said, I'm not familiar with any facts about him.

The second, but more possative piece of news was FoMoCo's decision to not stop building the Lincoln Town Car, at least until 2010. Could this be the silver lining in the recent clouds over Ford? I hope so. I hope that someone at Ford has seen DCX's new long wheelbase 300 and realized that giving up a money making model isn't the thing to do.

Maybe someone will see this as a breathing period, allowing time to get the Australian Ford Falcon chassis ready for a Town Car/Crown Victoria replacement.

I'm back, slow at first, but hoping to be back up to speed soon.

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