Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Future Ford model talk at AutoBlog....

You've probably already seen this piece over at AutoBlog discussing possible future Ford models and dates.

Not much of it is earthshattering news and what's not there is more disapointing than what is.

No surprise that a new Mustang special will be introduced each year, to keep interest high or that a Bullit Mustang will be coming. There has been buzz since before the 05 Mustang hit showrooms of Boss Mustangs, Mach 1's and California Specials.

But what about a new Crown Vic/Town Car? How about the Bronco and Reflex? When are we going to see some Diesels? When are we going to see some "Bold Moves" ????


Anonymous said...

Lookin through motor trends future vehicle forecast

2008 Ford Crown Victoria: Redesign, based on next-generation, rear-drive Falcon platform developed in Australia.

has this been annouced or is this their theory?

ThatDudeMike said...

Holy Mondeo Wagon Batman! http://www.jalopnik.com/cars/concept-cars/more-mondeo-fords-prototype-midsize-wagon-revealed-202478.php

The family DNA showing through with lines of the Maz6 Wagon are none too subtle, but it's still a GREAT looking car! Ford make some "bold moves" andbring these cars state-side!!!

Big Ford Fan said...

Anonymous, that piece has been on their site for quite a while, and other sources have shown that his idea falls in and out of favor in Dearborn. Now with Mulally in charge, we'll have to see how things look in the future. Or will Mark Fields be the man making that decision?

Mike, I found that over at AutoBlog also, but thanks for the heads up. Of course you can see that it's not coming here.