Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mark Tapscott has a point! Don't support our enemies, don't buy Citgo!

Mark Tapscott of "Carnival of Cars" fame, has the "Copy Desk" blog as well. And after Chavez's babling at the UN last week, he had an interesting post. I also read the Auto Prophet's take on the issue here

Chavez is a fool and unfortunately because of Citgo he's got a nice bankroll. His hate of the US and love of dictator Fidel Castro are bad enough, but his support of terrorist state Iran and hope for a "Bolivian" revolution throughout the South American continent are outright scary.

I agree with Mark and the Auto Prophet that Citgo should be starved of the precious American dollars that they funnel into the lunatic dictator's war chest. But I have a question, hopefully someone out there can help me with. Does Venezuela have other interests that we should know about? I've vacationed in the US Virgin Islands, specifically St Croix and the largest employer on the island is a refinery owned by Venezuela and I believe Hess oil. So should we boycott Hess as well?

This seems to be Mark's source and the epicenter of the boycott GOP and the City Blog.

Update, here is the Hess/ USVI connection Hovesna which should be of interest to people in the New York/New Jersey Metro area. Although we all love those Hess trucks at Christmas, is it worth supporting our enemies ?


mrbill said...

7-11 just announced they would no longer sell CITGO gas and have pulled their affiliation of some 20 years with CITGO.

Dotty Gale said...

Chavez hasn't said anything worse that I've said about Chimpy McStupid. If Hugo has the cheapest gas, then I'm going to saddle on up to a Citgo pump and start gassing up.

Ooops, after tonight, I should watch what I say about the renderer in chief, the rubber stamp congress just bestowed unto him the authority to declare me an illegal combatant and make me disappear forever.

Do you feel safer yet?

Viva la Revolucion!!

Gunnar Heinrich said...

Some of us are already with you on this.

I was quite astonished to find this out myself.