Friday, September 22, 2006

Ford Transit 4x4, another reason to compete against the DCX Sprinter

You know, the more Dodge/Freightliner Sprinter vans I see on the road here in the NY Metro area, I wonder why Ford won't consider bringing the Transit to the US. And now reading about this four wheel drive version, furthers my belief that it could/should be brought here.

I know a couple of people who have four wheel drive Econoline vans, expensive conversions, for both personal and contractor usage. One fellow I know spent over $50,000 on his Diesel E-350 with the conversion!

How many of you have noticed an increase in Sprinters near you? Is it just a NY Metro area thing? I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

I am amazed that none of the big three U.S. auto companies have given any attention to 4x4 vans over the years in spite of the fact that 4x4 pickup trucks have become so popular.

I am not alone awaiting a 4x4 Transit or Sprinter size larger diesel van to convert for Winter use as well as beach and off road travel/comping.

Still searching and unwilling so far to go the "conversion" route.

Richard said...

I agree with the above. It's odd given the populatiry of 4x4s that 4x4 vans aren't more common.

Anonymous said...

I have needed a 4x4 van for years for my business, but just will not spend the money for a conversion. I pull a trailer through snow and ice behind my Dodge diesel PU 4x4. Sure would love to have one.