Monday, August 14, 2006

Why aren't I excited about this? Everyone else is. Maybe it's the 325 hp

I like it, I really do, the new Ford Shelby GT is nice, and I get it, a lower priced-higher production Shelby for the masses. But even though prices haven't been released, If ind it hard to really get excited about. Oh, I know I sound like a spoiled sport, I should be rallying behind the Blue Oval at the mearest hint of something good. Shouldn't I? I mean I'm a Ford Fan and self professed lover of the Mustang. But the fact that the "entry level" Shelby will only have 325 hp and the mods are all Ford Racing Products pieces, that anyone could buy from their catalog, leaves me disapointed. Sure in the 60's Shelby Mustangs were similarily just a shade better than "lesser" Mustangs, and Shelby American sold many of the parts over the counter so you could "Shelbyize" your stang. But 325 hp just doesn't seem enough, no not even close.

For the premium price that dealers will charge, and we all know they will, I'd want at least 375 hp and some further differentiation between the Shelby GT and the more pedestrian Mustang GT.


Anonymous said...

It's just a different look and style. I like the stance of this version and the front treatment a little better.

I don't think of this as a "Shelby." It's more like some common mods that a person would want in a Mustang, have the factory install it and keep the warrenty. Sure you can do all of it by yourself, but it would take longer, cost more and void your warrenty.

01Cobra said...

I'm not sure how I feel about this. On one hand, as an SVT Cobra owner, I resent the recent changes to SVT that have been wrought by the corporate partnership with Shelby American. The new GT500 is so far away from the ideals of the old SVT under John Coletti that I wouldn't consider for a minute trading mine. SVT has always been more of ideological kin to BMW's M division (develop a whole car that transforms the driving experience, even if you sacrifice ultimate power) rather than MB's AMG (drop the most power in it that you can, driving experience be damned). For that reason, I'm automatically suspicious and resentful of anything bearing the Shelby name. On the other hand, this is pretty close to the formula that created the original 1993 Cobra (which, if I recall correctly, used most of the GT40 package that was available through the catalogue has become known as FRPP)--throw a little more power at it, make it visually appealing but reserved, and limit production. In that way, it makes me nostalgic. My best idea for the preservation of SVT--let Shelby handle the "image" cars that will appeal to rich old guys who'll never see a track day (such as the GT500) and let SVT bring us cars like the Boss 302 cammer--cars that might not wow with ultimate power but do so instead with technology and whole-package synergy. Just my two cents.