Monday, August 07, 2006

Should Ford sell Jaguar? Reports all over the net say it may happen

Well it's been quite a bad week for Ford, and I'm just getting caught up here. Now there are reports all over that Ford may sell Jaguar and possibly Range Rover may be thrown in to sweeten the deal.
Here's a fact, without Ford there would be no Jaguar. But without Jaguar, would Ford be financially more sound? When Ford bought the British icon, they were in serious trouble, and without the cash Ford has poured in, they would be like so many historic marques that just faded away.

Who would buy Jaguar? In the Reuters piece, they say that no European marque would be interested, but I had read last month that Renault/Nissan would. So which is it? More recent reports say that investors may buy Jaguar, even further speculation involves Korean or Chinese buyers.

Should Ford sell Jaguar? Maybe they should, but if they do, what about Aston Martin? It's obviuos the design and engineering for both companies is closely linked.

Would Renault/Nissan be the perfect buyer?There were reports that Renault wanted an upscale brand for Europe, besides Infiti which hasn't been as well recieved.

In my humble opinion, Ford should not sell off all of their Premiere Auto Group brands, as some say, to stockpile cash to buy back shares of stock. Maybe it's time that Jaguar and Aston Martin went, but Range Rover is a good brand to hold onto. And Volvo despite a drop in sales recently has been a good investment.

It's going to be an interesting year for Ford Watchers.


Shawn said...

I haven't read anything other than speculations and commentary from auto writers.

Sometimes I feel that automotive journalism is in kin to supermarket tabloids. When there is no new, they create the news. When there's no proof, they speculate.

Almost ALL automotive publications are opinions and commentaries. I enjoy them like everyone else, but it would be refreshing to have actual news and leave the rumors and commentaries to the blogs.

Of course I know what's going to happen now...someone will post a link of some official statement for Ford that they are shopping Jag and I'll look stupid. LOL

Joel A said...

Nope. Reports are now coming in that Ford Pres of the America's Mark Field stating that Ford's keeping the kitty.