Tuesday, August 29, 2006

AutoBlog posted this days ago, but I just found it and thought it was cool...

Remember that cool commercial that Ford had for the Superbowl in 2005, where Steve McQueen appeared in a corn field and then drove the new Mustang GT? Well AutoBlog has an earlier commercial Ford did where Detective Bullit retraces the route of his famous chase through the streets of San Francisco!
And believe it or not, it wasn't in this! Although that ad would have been very cool. Ford used this particular iconic imagery to sell something far removed from the muscular Mustang GT.
AutoBlog has the YouTube video of McQueen piloting a Ford Puma ( sold in Europe from 1997-2000 and based on Fiesta mechanicals.) Along the same route and then into the garage, where the four wheeled star of the film also make a cameo.

I found this interesting, because while working on my home PC, I found a video clip of the Top Gear crew ( Clarkson and Tif) driving the Puma, as they named it Top Gear's Car of the Year. One of these days, I'll try and post that video also, or find a link to it online.

The Puma was a great idea for Europe, and possibly for the United States someday. I think of it as the precursor for the Reflex. There was even a spec racing series in Europe featuring Pumas.

Enjoy the video, link to AutoBlog in title.

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