Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hot Rod rants and raves, link to new forum

Is this what you think of when someone says "Hot Rod?" This is a 1932 Ford 5 window coupe, a replica of the car from American Grafiti. I would guess that the vast majority of "Hot Rods" are Ford bodied ( or fiberglass replicas of Ford bodies) from 1922-1937. Hot Rods came into being in the 30's and 40's, but really took off in the 1950's and have been an American staple, that's been exported around the globe like Rock music and the Hoola Hoop. And even though the hey day may have passed, Hot Rod culture never really went away, it's evolved and survived.
And it's got different stratta like the Rat Rod movement which seems to be attracting a younger following back to these classic tire burners.
I've always loved Hot Rods, would dream of building one, like the ones I saw in Street Rodder magazine. But of course, mine would have been FORD powered, unlike some that had bowtie transplants. In my humble opinion, if the car has a blue oval on the hood it should have one under it too.
And thanks to Jonathan, I can now clue my readers into a new site for and by Hot Rod guys, which has forums. And in those forums recently Jonathan has been taking issue with a blatant marketing error, but click the link for the entire story and more pics.
What I will say, is that these two poor bastards need to put on some real pants, and cover up their short comings quickly. This is not the way to market anything to the "Hot Rod" culture. I think they missed the mark with this one in a big way.

I mean , THIS is a Hot Rod, and Milner was the guy that personified the movement, not some "Bad Boy" posers with eye patches over their willies. And if you really want a laugh, click the link and read some of the thought baloons that Jon has posted for the two punks. I was rolling on the floor.

My dream Hot Rod, just for the record, a 1934 Ford Vicky with a 289 and 4 Weber carbs, full fenders riding low with Pinto IFS and Jag IRS and of course it has to have the finned Cobra valve covers. A nice gray primer Suede finish with red Kelsey Hayes wires. What about you? And if you don't know what a Vicky is, look it up, that's half the fun of the internet.

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Dotty Gale said...

Did I show you the Hot Rod I almost bought?

Link Here

He wanted entirely too much for his custom. He gets to keep it which is what I think he wanted anyway.