Saturday, September 01, 2007

Wow! Check out the Ka

While there's been attention given to the new Verve concpet and for good reason, I missed any news about Ford Europe's other mini car, the Ka.
But I clicked on over to Car Scoop and caught David's post on the new Ka.

I like it! Why can't we get something like this?


Igor said...

that is a CGI and it is far from the actual car that will come .. the Ka will look different.


Big_Daddy said...

I remember seing the old Sport Ka thinking the same thing. (ditto for the Puma)

I had a first Gen Fiesta and loved it (for all of its 50-something HP and 1500-something lbs). It's a shame we don't get a small ford with hairy 'nads this side of the pond eh?

(By the way I'm in a SVT Focus at the moment. Nice blog!)

Joe, we have Yonkers, Engineering and Ford in common. I've been courting a MS3 as well, though, I have a year to decide between that, a 5-door STi, or keeping the SVTF for as long as I can.

huh? GTG?