Friday, September 07, 2007

New Mazda6 from Jalopnik...

I cam across the pics of the new Mazda 6 at Jalopnik (link in title) and they're close to CGIs that had been online in the past. The Mazda 6 had always been a nice looking car, despite the criticism from Jeremy Clarkson on BBC's Top Gear. But the new 6 is a real improvement on an already nice car. I'd read and heard from Igor that the new Mazda6 would share DNA with Ford or Europe's Mondeo.

And I can see the family resemblance. Here is the 5 door Mondeo. You can see roofline and beltline similarities as well as the rear wheel arch. Word is that the next Fusion, which is Mazda 6 based will also benefit from the Mondeo's styling/chassis. For my ears that's good news.
Not that the Fusion isn't a great car, but I for one prefer the new Mondeo.

The Mazda 6 like the Mondeo comes in 4 and 5 door as well as a handsome wagon. Right now the Fusion only comes in a 4 door version. No word on whether we can ever expect a 5 door or wagon. With Ford's push of CUV and SUV it seems unlikely to me. Toyota long ago dropped their Camry wagon, as did Honda the Accord wagon, so unlike Europe, a wagon variant isn't as important. It's a shame, but I think I'm in the minority there.
Could this be a silver lining in those storm clouds hovering over Dearborn?
Since Mazda and Ford share so much DNA and that commonality is only going to increase, it's reasonable to expect a FoMoCo version of many Mazda concepts and that's not a bad thing.
Common Ford/Mazda platform and models;
Fusion/Milan/Mazda6/Lincoln MKZ possibly to include Volvo S60 and Euro Mondeo
Edge/CX9/MKX (CX7 to a lesser degree)
Mazda3/Volvo C30, S40, V50/ Euro Ford Focus/Freelander (LR2)/Mazda5
Ford Fiesta (Europe)/Mazda2/Ford Ecosport (Latin America)

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