Thursday, December 14, 2006

New Focus C-Max, a small people mover not sold here.... WHY?

Here's the new 2007 Ford C-Max people mover from Europe.
I would love to see this little Focus based people mover sold here in the US. It seems that the market is moving toward small cars again, models like the Dodge Caliber, Mazda5, Chevy HHR, Honda Element and the new Jeep Compass/Patriot twins seem to show that there is a market for them. And Ford's answer? Well, first they're going to kill the Focus wagon, and replace it with?? Nothing!

Sure gas prices have come back down below $3 per gallon, but does that mean they'll stay there? If there' an emerging niche and you have a competative model overseas you would think to bring it here, wouldn't you?

Just another observation of Ford's inability to think on thier feet. While some manufacturers like Honda and Chrysler are preparing to bring Diesel power to their US models, what is Ford's response? I don't know, and I don't think they know either!

Ford has some sharp products globally, very competative models, when are they going to smarten up?

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