Monday, December 04, 2006

A fan's renewed call for some fresh inovative product!

You know, it's sad to watch Ford go through these death throws, especially knowing what I know. I know that Ford can and does make some great product! I know that Ford has had some of the most critically aclaimed show concept cars over the last decade! I know that somebody, or more than likely several somebodies in Dearborn need a kick in the head! Take a look at this Iosis X concept from Europe, doesn't it get your hear going?
And do you know what? This concept might actually make it to production, but not for the US. No, Ford thinks we're sheep in the US. They're afraid to really make "Bold Moves" here. Don't get me wrong, they are a BOLD company around the world, just not in the US lately.
Take a look at the Australian market! This Territory Crossover is based on Fairlane archictecture, base models have rear wheel drive and a 4.0 Liter I-6, but there are turbo and all wheel drive versions with leather and every option you could imagine! It's a really nice vehicle.
What about the new Ranger, the one that's going to spread across the globe, with two Diesels and class leading interior and dependability.
What about all the hot concepts? How about this B sized Reflex Sporty Coupe, with it's Diesel/Hybrid powertrain? Wouldn't this be a Bold Move!
How about the Faction? A mini crossover sport hatch, that with Focus power and drivetrain could teach Honda, Hyundai, Toyota and the others a real lesson.
Everybody loved the Bronco concept, isn't there a way to bring that to market quickly? Just look at Jeep's new Compass/Patriot, Dodge's new Nitro and Caliber, the new Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and the Toyota FJ Cruiser. These are risky moves, but so far they're gaining traction in the market. There is room for niche vehicles, why can't Ford take advantage of that?
Why do we get the Fusion/Dave look and the rest of the world gets Kinetic/Iosis style? Take a look at the new Mondeo, it's sharp, it's got style. Don't think so? Well, if it's good enough for James Bond, I think it does.
The new Mondeos are great, 4 and 5 doors as well as Estate (station wagon) models with a nice range of petrol and diesel powertrains, most available with a 6 speed manual and some with all wheel drive!

The fact is that Ford can build interesting cars, the question is when are we going to start seeing them?


Art Vandelay said...

Alan Mulally said in an interview in November that the fact that Ford NA, Ford of Europe, Ford of Australia, etc are essentially independent companies is ridiculous. He wants to end the organizational and platform divisions and make Ford a truly global company. Hopefully that means we'll start getting these great Fords here.

Anonymous said...

I hate the fact that you make so much sense....These fords are all pretty awesome looking. Especially that Iosis X, as soon as I finish paying for my Mazda 3 I'd buy one in a heartbeat....

John Wayne said...

That's a promising statement if he can(will) really make it happen...