Thursday, December 14, 2006

I agree with Bob of Cars Cars Cars! Don't bring a Mustand sedan and wagon to market, it's stupid!

Bob S of Cars Cars Cars! fame had a piece the other day about an uupcoming AutoWeek piece on the prospect of Ford expanding the Mustang "brand" by expanding with sedan and wagon variants.
I've read articles and comments over the last two years saying that's exactly what Ford should do, but it's a stupid idea. I'm not saying not to use Mustang parts, I'm saying don't use the Mustang name on a sedan or wagon. Don't tarnish an icon!

Ford has allowed their rear wheel drive platform, the Panther Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis/Town Car triplets to get old and irelivant. They're underpowered compared to even many V6 sedans and the chassis has evolved since it's 1979 rollout, but nobody is shocked to see sales just dry up.
But a Mustang sedan and wagon??? Don't be fooled Ford had this idea before, and even worse. Did you know that in the 60's after the original Mustang's impressive debut that FoMoCo had mock ups of Mustang wagons and sedans? They did. And again in the 70's the idea was dusted off, but luckily both times someone had the presence of mind not to fuck up a good thing. The origianl Mustang was based on Ford Falcon mechanicals, and there were already Falcon sedans and wagons selling quite well.
But AutoWeek says that like GM, Ford could go to their Australian well and draw a drink of relief. Possibly, but when GM took the Monaro and turned it into the GTO it was imported in low numbers and not the best planned conversion. A friend of mine has and loves a new GTO, but have you ever seen the trunk? The gas tank takes up much of the space.
I'm not saying Ford shouldn't tap into the Australian Ford Falcon for a new rear wheel drive sedan and wagon, I'm saying don't use the Mustang name! What's wrong with Falcon?? It fits with the stupid F naming scheme. It's not a name that's so damaged like "Pinto" or "Fairmont" that people would run screaming in the other direction. Hell, there hasn't been a Falcon on US Ford Dealer's lots since 1970, many consumers today won't remember the name. If not Falcon, why not LTD or Galaxie? How about Maverick?
And why not Ranchero!!!! Hell if you federalize the platform it's a no brainer to expand with the Australian Ute.
And you say you want all wheeel drive optional? Well, lucky you, the Falcon chassis with some mods has the Territory CUV! With a little work, this system could be put under a sedan as well.
I'm sure Ford wants to tap into the baby boomer's renewed interest in rear wheel drive, hell I'd be thrilled, but as Bob S points out the Charger name had been out of circulation for a while, and despite what Mopar faithful say had been poluted in the 80's by being on a K-car based coupe!
Don't, I repeat DON'T!! Fuck up the Mustang!

I've been saying since the earliest days of MyFordDreams that Ford should tap into the Aussie Falcon, and they should, but don't damage an icon in the process.

If anyone in Dearborn wants some help, feel free to contact me, I'll slap the stupid out of you.

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