Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Reuters UK says Ford has Fiesta based SUV coming for Europe

Reuters seems a little late on this one if I read it right. The EcoSport should be the Fiesta based SUV they're speaking of. And it's one of two possible mini SUVs that may be hitting US shores.

The Bronco being the second. Both built on Fiesta mechanicals and not likely to steal Land Rover Freelander sales at all. Many purists in the US hope the Bronco will be a real trail machine, but I just hope it sells. Ford needs a couple of hits to make up for the boring US lineup it has now.


Anonymous said...

Edmunds reported in January (or so) that the Ecosport didn't make it through whatever decision bodies...

We will be getting the Current Gen Fiesta platform with 2 vehicles built on it - a Fiesta like regular B-segment and Bronco.. ETA Fall 2008

The Reflex was not ruled out yet, buit not confirmed either.


Big Ford Fan said...

Igor, thanks again for the update. I think Ford would really benefit from a Reflex. Certainly couldn't hurt.