Thursday, March 23, 2006

New GT350H ??

Now I've seen this one on several websites, but Edmunds Inside Line claims the exclusive, and I'll give the hat top to AutoBlog, because that's where I saw it first. It looks like Ford is going to introduce a 2006 Mustang GT350H at the New York Auto Show in April. I'm planning on going, so I'll try and get a decent digital photo. The original GT350H was a specially prepared Shelby GT350 Mustang in special black and gold livery sold to Hertz and rented through a special program. So in this year the 40th aniversary of that special model it sort of makes sense to pay tribute.

Now I had mentioned a while back that this 06 Pony Package V6 Mustang bears a striking resemblance to the 66 GT350H. It's got the stripes and that retro styling, including the fog lights on the grill bar. Now the new GT350H won't have the GT500's supercharged 450 hp engine, but will instead be a slightly modified Mustang GT with an extra 20 hp. Still a fitting tribute. Edmunds says there will be 200 available for rental at select Hertz outlets.

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