Monday, March 27, 2006

Good luck with the new Ranger Phil !

Phil a reader from Europe, sent me photos of his new Ford Ranger. He hasn't actually taken delivery yet, but will in April. Good luck with it Phil, it looks sharp. I wish I could buy this same Ranger in the US. It's a crew cab or double cab, with the 2.5 Diesel.
Now phil has the bed bar and is getting a soft bed cover fitted like the one pictured. I prefer an open bed, having tried both tonneau covers and fiberglass shells in the past. I would add a flip down bed extender cage also if I were Phil. I have one and it's great for hauling long loads like couches or lumber.

Good luck with the new Truck, and if there are any other readers who want me to post pics of their Ford or partner vehicle, send then to

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