Thursday, January 07, 2010

Hi-Tech and Lo-Tech winners from the Blue Oval

The big news this week is about Ford's MyFord Touch and SYNC system revieled at the CES.
I'm very happy with my SYNC in the Mariner and I'm not even using half of the features.
Go to Autoblog's latest piece (linked in title) to read and see their videos.
But here's a piece of lo-tech gear that's really impressed me....

I've forgotten what Ford calls it, the "Easy Fill" capless fuel system?
What's in a name. The funny thing about this, is that I was soooooo unimpressed when the press release came out so long ago. And when I bought my Mariner, Frank the salesman pointed it out but again color me unimpressed.

Now, just about 2 months into ownership it really hit me just how f@#*ing great this is!
It's cold out there! And having one less step to fill up with gas and not having to look for the cap are huge benefits.

Quick update on the Mariner, just about 1,500 miles, still averaging 19.5 mpg on a mostly urban loop and no issues. I'm really loving this little SUV. The AWD doesn't seem to hurt the MPG or drivability and as I pointed out with the big storm a few weeks ago, it's very effective. It's not like my Ranger, with the hi/low range transfer case, manual trans and offroad tires, but if there's any flaw it's the rubber not the AWD.


lahru said...

I talk to my customers at 4 or 6 months and they always mention the no gas cap. Some say they will never go back to a car with one. Maybe they will or maybe they won't, but it is on their minds. I think in the macro sense it is winner for Ford. Combined with Sync and MyKey and soon MyFord Ford is building a house that will soon be unassailable. Stock hit new highs this week. Just waiting for an increase in sales to follow.

Chris said...

The mariner sounds like a great little SUV. The SYNC system is getting great reviews. The gas mileage seems adequate in the Mariner and it makes a perfect family car. Thank you for your post and keep us up-dated.