Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ford's "Better Ideas" for the new age... SYNC helps Ford leap ahead of other makers' "tech" features

If you're old like me, well approaching "middle age", you may remember Ford's old "Better Idea" ads from back in the day. Well, they may not use that phrase anymore, but just as "Quality is (still) Job 1" Ford continues to have better ideas as well. And case in point is the SYNC technology package.
I'm old enough to remember when cell phones came out and even remember when radio phones were for the very rich, but today every auto company has some sort of Bluetooth connectivity in their lineup. SYNC is more than just that, and as I'm learning with my new Mariner it's fairly easy to use and very well integrated into the car. But if you read the article from PC World, linked in the title, you'll see that Ford hasn't just sat back with SYNC and let it become static. Even before I bought my new Mariner, I had read that you could get free updates downloaded so that as new features came online for the system you wouldn't experience that new tech regret that's inevitable when new upgrades come after you bought the early run. And now Ford's latest upgrade will allow you to have a mobile WiFi in your car for no extra cost, when you use your Smartphone or USB Mobile Modem with the SYNC system. I'm not a tech guy, read the article, but this is just amazing. And the fact that you don't need to buy hardware or software beyond what you may already have is a huge plus. Oh and there's no extra service to sign up for! No hidden fees or subscriptions? Ford in my opinion has just gut punched the competition.

And let's not forget that Ford offers all of this high tech goodness across it's entire lineup (I'm fairly certain) from the upcoming "entry level" "aspirational?" Fiesta, to the Focus, Fusion, Mustang, Taurus and across the SUV and CUV lineup and even the trucks.
I'm fortunate to have wireless service from a very good provider and I believe I can get a suitable adapter for my current phone or just upgrade to a suitable new phone. Just imagine on a long road trip, passengers can surf the net while we clock the miles. A mini WiFi "Hot Spot" in my car? I'm going to take baby steps with this, but I'm excited.
I was reading recently that although Ford's new Fiesta will have a sub $14k entry price, it's expected the average transaction price will be closer to $20k. You may laugh at that, but when you think of all the "Millenials" (you know young people) who love their tech gear and want to drive something that's economical, then Ford could be ahead of the curve here. Around the globe, small cars don't mean "cheap".
I've often said that I could see myself buying a Fiesta, if it had enough features and that I'd be willing to pay around $20k.

You say "Way Forward" or "We Speak Car" I say Ford is still cranking out "Better Ideas"
In the end it's just proof that Ford will be a major player in the foreseeable future.


lahru said...

The only models that does not offer Sync presently are Transit Connect, although it does have a Blue Tooth system, and Explorer which I'm sure on the redesign this year will ensure it's ability to offer Sync.

The thing with the Fiesta is that it is not much smaller than the Focus but, all things being perception, has been promoted as a car for those "millenials" to latch on to. The current Focus is a good car, just not cool and I'm sure will be promoted with the same enthusiasm as the "Fiesta Movement".

lahru said...

I'd love to have that Pinto, remember that shifter like the Mustang with the T handle with the black button on the left?

Anyways, the only models Ford does not offer Sync in are the Transit Connect and the Explorer, although I am sure the new Explorer next year will.

The Transit Connect has Blue Tooth as an option but the ones I have sold with it as an option went to people who had no intention presently of using it.

Me Lake Placid/Saranac Lake. You?

Anonymous said...

the new Explorer will not only have Sync
but will get the MyFord Touch system

& of course EcoBoost(s)