Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is what I'm talking about, these are Bold Moves!

The Iosis concept! The showpiece of "Kinetic" design for Ford of Europe! This is where Ford should have gone for their North American designs, not the "Taurus/500". Not DAVE

I want a Reflex! This is a hot little car, and could be built on Fiesta mechanicals.
And even the "lowly" Fiesta is going to be a real hottie.
Hey Allen, Bill, Mark! This is where you should have gone!

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Igor said...

1) the Verve is also a Concept for US - we are getting that car. There will be a Sedan in Beijing and a 5door hatch in Detroit. Production for US begins in Brazil in Spring (April) 2009 - US market will begin with a sedan and a 5 door hatch

2) The next generation Fusion and Mondeo will be 90% identical.

3) The Kinetic design is nice, and would fly very well in your neck of the woods - suburban New York - however I like to subject Ford US models to "Mom and Pop Jones" tests - would Mom and Pop Jones in Littleton, North Dakota agree with you? Or would they be happier to buy the Fusion? Not all of US is coastal and urban/suburban - Ford cannot afford to alienate the heartland.