Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Not dead, not yet

MyFordDreams isn't dead yet, really I plan on coming back in the fall, just a few weeks.

I needed to push back from this and get perspective. FoMoCo hasn't been doing well and it had been discouraging. I'm not going to try and be AutoBlog or Jalopnik anymore. No more rehashing of press releases. I'm just going to do this for the fun. Now that may mean that I'm not here everyday, and that my posts are sometimes just the fun YouTube videos but I'm not going to kill it.

I was over at The Auto Prophet's blog today and he pointed out that many blogs are dead or dying. Take CarPundit, he's ended it after 3 years. CarsCarsCars hasn't posted since July. My friend JD of AutoEratic hasn't posted in months either. The Autobloggers group is dark too. The last post over there was my post in July about my friends' Blogathon efforts over at KMRL.

Igor a faithful reader and source of inspiration had offered to take over MyFordDreams months ago when I had my crisis of faith, but I couldn't give this to somebody else. I loved doing this! I started MyFordDreams in April of 2005 and MyFordDreams2 in April of 2006.

I've interacted with some great folks, people I respect and admire and I don't want to just end it, I'll be back, check with me in 30 days.



Anonymous said...

We need you here - there is a *lot* to be done with Ford's recovery in the next year!

Big Ford Fan said...

Thanks Jeff, I'll be back in full swing soon,