Monday, October 23, 2006

What may the future hold? What should it?

I've been disheartened as of late, with the state of Ford and their lack of interesting product for the US market. Much is being said about the new Ford Edge CUV, some good some bad. But it seems that every article I've read recently claims that this will be a make or break vehicle for Ford. But we've heard that before. The Fusion was supposed to be the car that revitalized the company. Don't get me wrong, the Fusion is a great car and while it doesn't seem that it's sales are stellar, they aren't tanking either. Recent advertisements have anounced the availabiltiy of All Wheel Drive for the Fusion/Milan twins, and of course it's also an option on the MKZ (Zephyr.) The biggest complaints I've read about the new Edge (which I haven't seen in person) are about the interior, especially the lack of a third row seat. Many journalists/bloggers are saying a redesign of the interior is needed. I've only seen photos, and like what I have seen, but if there is not third row seat, it seems like a major oversight on Ford's part. Even in the mini-SUV/CUV models there are third row seat models. The Toyota RAV4 and Suzuki XL7 are just 2.
But even Mazda's CX9 has a third row. So, what's the brain damage in Dearborn? Are they thinking that a third row Edge may cut into sales of the Freestyle? If there were sales to cut into that is. Is it concern about the Explorer? It's short sighted stupidity is what it is!

And what about Diesels? I've been reading about the availability of "Clean Diesel," the low sulphur blend that the Feds mandated. I've been saying for a long while, that Ford should have been in a position to take advantage of this change, with their range of Diesel powerplants from around the globe. And then there's "Dave" the "American" design initiative, with 3 bar grill bland styling! While Europe and the rest of the globe get "Kinetic" design with cues from the Iosis concept, we get Dave.

Ugh! I want the new Mondeo! And I want it with the 2.0 TDI ! With a six speed manual!!!!!!!!!

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Hybrid Cars said...

I loved this article, what a great read and very insightful, the last bit of the post I found funny and I am with you on that point, I have been an owner of a Mondeo for a few years now and yes I too would love to try out the Mondeo 2.0 TDI as I heard that it is awesome to drive