Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Interesting Internet Poll on forum.....

I found this interesting poll at a forum linked in title and thought it a good idea. What is your favorite Ford brand and why? Some of the answers given in the forum were interesting, and some of their "facts" were wrong, but interesting none the less.

Now it's got to be obvious that my favorite Ford brand is Ford itself, based on past, present and potential future models in the US and globally. But I will go further and give my top 5 in order.

1 Ford , the base of the pyramid, the strongest of the brands.

2 Mazda , even though it's only partially Ford owned, it's controlled by Ford and has been a real asset and money maker.

3 Lincoln , the once and future king of Ford's brands. While currently looking like a goldfish floating upside down, there is potential here for a comeback and profitability.

4 Volvo , with this brand there's no need for Mercury and the added benefit of the safety reputation and strong sales with potential for growth globally, make it a no brainer.

5 Range Rover , this one's where I'm a fence sitter, I see potential for expanding the brand by using the recently aquired Rover name, but could also see Range Rover sold to bolster the company ledger. It's a coin toss, but I have always been a fan of Land Rovers and Range Rovers. There's a certain cache to the brand and it's not as much of a money pit as Jaguar or Aston Martin.

These are the 5 brands I believe should be saved, that leaves 3 to either kill or sell. Mercury is a dead brand, but Jaguar and Aston Martin could be bundled and sold to aviod further losses and gain extra cash for a redevelopment war chest.

What do you think?

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