Friday, October 23, 2009

Why can Allan smile? Cause Ford too the "Way Forward" and he's not taking a pay cut! Government Motors (GM & Chrsyler) Execs take 25% pay cut...

Sometimes it's good to be the king. Well, maybe not king, but at least not a Government Motors exec. Alan Mulally can smile here for several reasons, the biggest reason of course is that unlike crosstown rivals at GM and Chrysler, he's not being forced to take a massive pay cut.

And before I hear anyone moan, let's remember that Bill Ford vowed not to ake any compensation until FoMoCo turns a profit and and that FoMoCo didn't take TARP money.
No Government Bail-out means you can earn executive compensation. Sure CEOs of big companies make too much money, but the boys at Ford seem to have earned it his year!

No bail-out, no bankruptcy, no foreign takeover, yes new products, yes improved quality, yes new technology, yes you can keep your money. Simple as that folks.

Read the Detroit Free Press article linked in the title. Go Ford!

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