Thursday, August 06, 2009

Washington Examiner, how is CARS aka Cash For Clunkers working out for Detroit?

Mark Tapscott emailed me this post from a fellow Washington Examiner writer that sheds some light onto how the Big 3 are doing in the CARS program. And it's interesting to see that 2 of the top ten models being sold are Ford.
While I expected the Focus to do very well, and it has, I was surprised to see it #2 to the Toyota Corolla, but above #3 Honda Civic. I dare you to find a Focus on dealer's lots today. As I said, Ford positioned itself very well for this program and the Focus was a natural with it's 34 mpg and high level of standard content.

And at #7, the Escape is the best selling cute ute or tall wagon, beating out the Honda Fit and Dodge Caliber. As you'll know, if you've been checking my site lately, I recently tried to wrangle a deal on a Mariner (the Escape's "City Cousin") and dealer supplies of these twins are flying off the lots. So, while Toyota and Honda do dominate the list, Ford's placement is very good.

And on the list of top ten vehicles traded in? Wow, a lot of older Dearborn iron is being crushed!
Explorer #1 F-150 #2 and out of the top ten 5 are Ford? As the author notes, it's no surprise that Honda and Toyota are doing well, but his concerns that these are losses of past Ford customers may be of less concern. How many owners bought these vehicles new is not in these stats. I'm going to assume that many of them may have been bought second hand and this does not reflect poorly on FoMoCo.
Sure I'm biased, that's obvious, but it's also fair to say that the Focus 2nd place spot on the sales list is certainly a sign that Dearborn, if not their Detroit neighbors, has done very well. Further proof of how well is available in a recent Autoblog post on monthly sales stats here
Some see the glass as half empty, I see Ford doing very well.

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