Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tiff's day of fun in a Ford Puma, why you'll never see this from a US TV show

Wow, wanted to share this great video from YouTube of Fifth Gear's Tiff having some fun with and giving stunt tips in a Ford Puma! The Puma being one of those cool Euro Fords that we never got here and probably never will. But just ask your self why you'll never see an American TV show giving tips like this. Because every jerk who tried it and then wrecked would get a lawyer and try their hand at the judicial lottery, that's why.

So much to be disapointed about in this video, cars we don't get, information that we couldn't be shown for fear of lawsuits and great television we don't get either. Oh well, at least there's YouTube.


Chris said...

FYI: U.K. Ford Puma = U.S.A. Mercury Cougar

'nuff said.

Big Ford Fan said...

Chris, you're wrong, the Mercury Cougar which was based on Ford Mondeo/Contour was sold in Europe as the Ford Cougar, the Ford Puma was based on the smaller Fiesta.

'nuff said? Not a chance son, if you're going to correct me, be right, don't be smug.

I'm sure you fancy yourself a car buff, but I probably know more about FoMoCo and their world wide lineup than anyone you know.

I should I've only spent the last 30 years devoted to learning as much as I could.

I was going to just delete your comment, but what the hell, let the world know you're wrong. If I make a mistake I'm man enough to admit it, how about you?

Igor said...

FYI the Reflex is reportedly still alive and might come out as 2012 Puma - on both sides of the Atlantic.