Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Carnival of Cars RIP, Long Live Carnival of Wheels!

The future of the Carnival of Cars is uncertain, Mark Tapscott has moved his blog to his editorial page at the Examiner.
Mark is a professional writer, and Tapscott Behind the Wheel was his private automotive blog. And Mark did a great weekly roundup of the best of the automotive blogsphere. Not just the big guys like Jalopnik or AutoBlog, but the little guys like yours truly also.

The possible ending of Carnival of Cars is a sad thing, and Mark has stated that he's uncertain if it will reapear with his move.

But nature abhors a vacuum and Gary Grant of the Garage Blog has started a Carnival of Wheels feature, where he will pick up the torch from Mark and feature submissions from around the automotive blogshpere.

So, click the link and check weekly.

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