Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bush as WMD on Election Day: Dangerous Territory for me, but what the hell

I'm wary about discussing Political Issues, it's a muddy world, and people don't play nice on that side of the blogsphere. Brutal mud slinging on both sides of the isle. But if yesterday's elections taught us nothing else...
While the Republicans were searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.....
The Democrats found what they needed much closer to home.
I'm not a Democrat, I do have some liberal views, but for the most part it's rare that I vote Democrat...
I'm not a Repuclican either. I'm an Independent voter. I take the cafeteria plan when voting, a little from here, a little from there, a balanced helping of democracy. I've voted for Bush and Clinton as well as Reagan, ok the second term only, I'm not that old. But yesterday's elections showed just how far a party is willing to go to win. The mud was flying, the accusations and ballot challenges. There were ugly races from top to bottom. Even local (State Senate and Assembly) races couldn't avoid the fallout.
Andrea Stewart Cousins, a bright rising star in local Democratic Party, recieved some major support this week, a rally for her was held in Yonkers attended by none other than Slick Willy and the Senator Hillary.
But check the link in the title to see some of the other support her party lent.

Nick Spano, who's been my State Senator for 20 years is her Republican opponent and two years ago won against Stewart Cousins by only 18 votes. 18 Votes!!!!!! So both candidates were in for a strong fight.

But give me a break, why link a New York State Senator with Bush and the War in Iraq??? He didn't vote on any legislation related to the war, not unless New York declared war itself and nobody told me. Nick may not be perfect, and if the voters want to change representation, by all means that's the will of the people, but the BushSpano site and defacement of Spano signs locally ( spray painted with Bush's name next to Spano) is juvenile, even for the Democrats.
Oh and just to prove that I'm not partial to any one candidate, this was the third candidate for that office, Delfim Heusler a "write in" candidate with the Constitution Party, not to be confused with the American Nazi Party or the KKK, the Constitution Party didn't actually have any candidates on the ballot, but Delfim has several blogs if you want to look him up. Or just stop by his mom's house, I'm sure he's there.

Now, like Larry the Cable Guy, I'm going to say that's just wrong...


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Dotty Gale said...

Q: "Why link a New York State Senator with Bush and the War in Iraq???"

A: "Gerrymandering"


The State legislatures decide where to draw the lines for all of the Congressional seats. Tom DeLay had his minions in the Texas State house redrew the Texas congressional districts and flipped five seats from Democratic to the Republicans.

It is vitally important for the Country that the New York State Senate flip to the Democrats before the next census. To accomplish that, the Senate must be purged of cancers like Caesar Trunzo and Nicholas Spano.

Trunzo is like 143 years old so I have high hopes for that one ending soon. If the NYS Senate goes Democratic then America hater extraordinaire, Pete King can say good-bye to his comfy seat in Congress.

Pete King has to go and his exit starts with a Democratically controlled legislature.