Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Carnival of Cars RIP, Long Live Carnival of Wheels!

The future of the Carnival of Cars is uncertain, Mark Tapscott has moved his blog to his editorial page at the Examiner.
Mark is a professional writer, and Tapscott Behind the Wheel was his private automotive blog. And Mark did a great weekly roundup of the best of the automotive blogsphere. Not just the big guys like Jalopnik or AutoBlog, but the little guys like yours truly also.

The possible ending of Carnival of Cars is a sad thing, and Mark has stated that he's uncertain if it will reapear with his move.

But nature abhors a vacuum and Gary Grant of the Garage Blog has started a Carnival of Wheels feature, where he will pick up the torch from Mark and feature submissions from around the automotive blogshpere.

So, click the link and check weekly.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Interceptor Concept???

I guess I have been out of touch, for this is the first I've heard of the Interceptor Concept from Ford. And from what I've seen and read at AutoBlog, I like it. A rear wheel drive sedan, based on Mustang Mechanicals, but not a Mustang, smart move. I wonder if the Interceptor name was inspired by Mad Max?? Well it sits well with me just the same.
A rear wheel drive sedan isn't a new idea at Ford, as you can see with the 427 concept from a few years ago. The styling of this concept heavily influenced the new Fusion and it's 3 bar grill will be seen across the Ford line of vehicles.
While I would have prefered the Iosis Concpet sit attop the Mustang's chassis, the new Interceptor isn't ugly. Maybe we'll see some Iosis DNA in some other FoMoCo offering?
The Mustang's chassis is a great foundation for the new sedan, that is if it comes with the IRS that the Mustang didn't! If Ford fails to do that, the new model will be doomed. While it can be argued that the Mustang could do without for reasons of price point and durability, a proper sedan model can't be missing the IRS.
And why should it? Ford has the Control Blade IRS System from the Aussie Falcon. A proven tough and successful system.
I can't tell you how thrilled I am that it's not a four door Mustang! As I said in an earlier post, that's just stupid!

Click the link in the title to read AutoBlog's article and see more pictures.

It's nice to have something to dream about again.