Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Motor Trend on Mazda BT-50, another clueless auto rag

I read this piece on the new Mazda BT-50 pickup at Motor Trend's site and was impressed. I was impressed with the truck and the way the author neglected to mention the Ford DNA it carries.
While the writer rightfully complained that we will never get this excelent pickup here in the US, and praised it's Diesel powerplants, he never once mentioned the fact that the Mazda BT-50 is a Ford design, using Ford Diesel and Petrol engines. I've been saying for a long time, that Ford has the solution for it's North American Ranger's problems in it's international parts bin, but when the rest of the world recieved this completely new Ranger/BT-50, that became even more clear!
As most of the competition here and abroad has a crew cab option, so too do the Mazda/Ford twins. And in the past only a 2.5 liter I-4 Diesel was offered, but now there is the 3.0 liter V6 Diesel as well! And of course there is a 4.0 liter Petrol V6 (the same offered in the US Ranger and Mustang.) But Motor Trend and others are too biased against Ford to even mention that this is in fact a Ford designed truck, using Ford power.

I personally think that both Ford and Mazda need this in the US with the Diesels! And of course the Crew Cab!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

SHO article at AutoBlog got me thinking

I know this piece is over two weeks old, but I'm slow to blog lately. AutoBlog did a piece on the Ford Taurus SHO and I enjoyed it and the comments. I owned a 93 Taurus SHOmatic for a year or so, a winter beater I bought for shits and giggles . But there was more of a surprise for me....
We all know Jay Leno is a "Car guy" but who knew that
Conan O'Brien, the human cartoon is too? Don't get me wrong I like O'Brien, think he's funny as hell. But I always thought of him as a city dweller and assumed that he didn't even own a car. But AutoBlog even has a video posted of O'Brien behind the wheel of his SHO.
In the comments after their post there is one guy who likens the engine to a work of art. I would be inclined to agree with him, but Milt my mechanic wasn't as fond of this engine. Changing spark plugs or sensors was a major pain for him. I wouldn't have even tried to work on it myself, just too much with too little room. But did it sing! This car made all the right noises and despite mine being a used beater with 120,000 miles on the clock, it was a blast to drive.
Like Conan, mine was green, unlike his mine didn't have the manual transmission. Now I know slushboxes aren't supposed to be in sports sedans, but this is what was available at the time. And although I know the transmissions can be problematic, according to my friend who bought his new and had to replace it several times. Mine never gave me a moments trouble. The transmission didn't, but there was the fire under the hood caused by a bad anti-lock brake module and a few electrical gremlins. But still this car was a hoot. Fun to drive, comfortable and even with a heavy pedal foot not too bad on gas.

If there are any guys out there looking for a unique fun to drive American car, go get one. Get it quick though before this is the only way you can find one!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bush as WMD on Election Day: Dangerous Territory for me, but what the hell

I'm wary about discussing Political Issues, it's a muddy world, and people don't play nice on that side of the blogsphere. Brutal mud slinging on both sides of the isle. But if yesterday's elections taught us nothing else...
While the Republicans were searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.....
The Democrats found what they needed much closer to home.
I'm not a Democrat, I do have some liberal views, but for the most part it's rare that I vote Democrat...
I'm not a Repuclican either. I'm an Independent voter. I take the cafeteria plan when voting, a little from here, a little from there, a balanced helping of democracy. I've voted for Bush and Clinton as well as Reagan, ok the second term only, I'm not that old. But yesterday's elections showed just how far a party is willing to go to win. The mud was flying, the accusations and ballot challenges. There were ugly races from top to bottom. Even local (State Senate and Assembly) races couldn't avoid the fallout.
Andrea Stewart Cousins, a bright rising star in local Democratic Party, recieved some major support this week, a rally for her was held in Yonkers attended by none other than Slick Willy and the Senator Hillary.
But check the link in the title to see some of the other support her party lent.

Nick Spano, who's been my State Senator for 20 years is her Republican opponent and two years ago won against Stewart Cousins by only 18 votes. 18 Votes!!!!!! So both candidates were in for a strong fight.

But give me a break, why link a New York State Senator with Bush and the War in Iraq??? He didn't vote on any legislation related to the war, not unless New York declared war itself and nobody told me. Nick may not be perfect, and if the voters want to change representation, by all means that's the will of the people, but the BushSpano site and defacement of Spano signs locally ( spray painted with Bush's name next to Spano) is juvenile, even for the Democrats.
Oh and just to prove that I'm not partial to any one candidate, this was the third candidate for that office, Delfim Heusler a "write in" candidate with the Constitution Party, not to be confused with the American Nazi Party or the KKK, the Constitution Party didn't actually have any candidates on the ballot, but Delfim has several blogs if you want to look him up. Or just stop by his mom's house, I'm sure he's there.

Now, like Larry the Cable Guy, I'm going to say that's just wrong...